CINEVEO – Windows Rift DK2 Android

With CINEVEO you can mimic your very own motion picture theater and watch your 2D and 3D recordings in “6” astonishing virtual reality silver screens with the Oculus Rift. CINEVEO – Virtual Reality Cinema, the well known VR silver screen application for Oculus Rift, is currently accessible for Android with Cardboard VR bolster. Snatch some popcorn, it’s motion picture time! “CINEVEO offers an awe-inspiring voyage into another domain of motion picture excitement and everlastingly changes the way you will need to watch movies. CINEVEO - Windows Rift DK2 Androidv

CINEVEO is a great deal something beyond a VR video player for the Oculus Rift. With CINEVEO, you can encounter the eventual fate of silver screen at its finest. CINEVEO we should you reenact your own completely practical motion picture theater in virtual reality, with an exceptional level of detail and feeling of inundation. Sci-fi has progressed toward becoming reality. Get some popcorn, it’s film time!

CINEVEO accompanies “6” astounding virtual reality film subjects, for example, a 1960s Drive-In Theater, a 4D Movie Theater, a Space Station, The Ocean, a Haunted Valley and The Void. In any case, that is not all. CINEVEO can play any 2D and 3D video document, highlights one of a kind sans hands controls, multiplayer group of onlookers and you can utilize your webcam as window to the outside world.

CINEVEO – Windows Rift DK2 Android


  • • Six Cinema Themes – 60s Drive-In, 4D Movie Theater, Space Station, Ocean, Haunted Valley and The Void.
  • • Plays 2D and 3D Videos – Plays all video arranges easily (AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV and MKV).
  • • Movie Subtitle Support – Watch motion pictures with subtitles in any dialect.
  • • Watch 3D Movies – Plays 3D recordings in SBS and Over/Under with a wonderful 3D impact.
  • • Customizable Cinema Screen – You can change the size and the shape (bended or level screen).
  • • Hands-Free Interface Controls – Control the application without console or mouse.
  • • Multiplayer Audience – Sit alone in the film or with a live group of onlookers comprised of genuine individuals.
  • • Webcam Video – Use your webcam in VR to perceive what is happening around you in this present reality.

Least Requirements

  • Oculus Runtime: v0.4.4 +

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