Demo – Windows HTC Vive & Rift CV1

Demo - Windows HTC Vive & Rift CV1

Doll-City VR will toss you within a horrifying “Cyberpunk” world, similar to the last corrosive outing of an addict. A comic book/virtual exhibition hall of a universe in which defilement and wantonness exist next to each other with heavenly attendants, magnificence and miracles.Demo - Windows HTC Vive & Rift CV1

Welcome on the edge, where frenzy and arousing are a similar face of a bad dream, where sedates gradually pound away the last any desires for the Doll-City Megalopolis.

Demo – Windows HTC Vive & Rift CV1

Doll-CityVR is a diversion/VR encounter for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive in light of the Cyberpunk universe of “Potentiel”, adjusted and rethought to offer a remarkable VR encounter, between investigation, examination and distinctive gameplay stages.

Refreshed 26/05/2016

HTC Vive/Oculus Rift CV1:

  • – determination amongst Vive and Rift
  • – support of Oculus Rift CV1
  • – joining of skyspheres in the reward part (beta)
  • – readaptation of the maps for situated position
  • – decision between first or third individual view

HTC Vive:

New gameplay for the third individual roomscale part

Rundown of the new functionalities with the controllers:

  • – hold left grasp to show teleportation territory
  • – squeeze left trigger while holding grasp for teleportation
  • – check added for squeezing trackpad to move in first individual
  • – shade of teleportation pointer changes if conceivable or not (green and red)
  • – overhaul of the third individual character

Oculus Rift CV1:

  • – new room
  • – gameplay and configuration adjusted contrasted with DK2 form
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