Overnight – Windows Rift DK2

Overnight - Windows Rift DK2

The full amusement is discharged! 🙂 This is a free wander fnaf! I am just 12, so this isn’t the best.Overnight - Windows Rift DK2

There is Bonnie, Chica, and charming. Freddy has not been included yet XD. I will include more as time passes by I will refresh more! This diversion will soon be accessible for the oculus crack DK2.

  • Appreciate!
  • Setup Instructions
  • Introduce .zip
  • Extract.zip
  • Run Overnight.exe

Least Requirements

  • Oculus runtime 0.6, 0.7 or 0.8

Overnight – Windows Rift DK2

Playing Instructions

  • In Five Nights at Freddy’s, you go up against the part of a night security protect with a most eery occupation. …
  • Keep the entryways open. …
  • Utilize lights sparingly and just under assault. …
  • Figure out how every one of your adversaries move. …
  • Earphones make sound signs considerably more self-evident. …
  • Tune in before looking. …
  • Snappy, short looks are critical.
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