RedFrame – Windows Rift DK2

RedFrame is one of the most attractive Rift recreations out there. An exploratory experience amusement it assignments the player with understanding the significance of the house and advancing further into the universe of the previous tenants. Furthermore, on the off chance that you like this (and we’re certain you will), at that point look at the RedFrame Library.

Setup Instructions

The RedFrame Oculus demo is best experienced with a gamepad. Before playing, make certain to indicate your player stature and IPD in the Oculus Config Util incorporated into the Oculus Rift SDK.

RedFrame – Windows Rift DK2

Likewise included is a “sitting mode” that mimics your tallness while sitting in a work area seat. We’ve found this significantly enhances authenticity by coordinating the floor that you see the floor that you feel with your feet.Controls: Left stick or WASD keys to move. Right stick or mouse to look. Left trigger or move key to quick walk. A (Xbox), X (PS3/4), or tab to flip sitting mode. Return/Enter key to flip VR show.

*Use this link to download RedFrame – Windows Rift DK2 on your Windows or Mac Computer.
*Use this link to download RedFrame – Windows Rift DK2 via Torrent.
*Use or download RedFrame – Windows Rift DK2 using your Windows, Mac, iOS or Android device. You can unlock the download link and save it for later.


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