Soundscape VR – Windows HTC Vive & Rift CV1

Soundscape VR - Windows HTC Vive & Rift CV1

Soundscape VR is your own private music setting and an incredible varying media encounter. Including tracks from real craftsmen like Daft Punk, Flume, Griz, and Skrillex, Soundscape transports the visual energy of unrecorded music and celebration arrange creation into VR while stripping endlessly the bothers (and including material science challenging turns), making ready for the up and coming era of music encounters. In Soundscape you don’t need to stress over heading to a music setting, don’t need to hold up in line, get bothered by security, pay 14 dollars for a brew, remain behind somebody taller than you, or experience the ill effects of a maturing scene. Soundscape speaks to another melodic outskirts and vision without bounds where craftsmen can associate specifically with fans. Presently their imaginative vision is boundless, not limited by the arrangements they can make with names, scenes, or organizations.Soundscape VR - Windows HTC Vive & Rift CV1

Soundscape is a forefront virtual reality visual experience, and even a 1080ti with supersampling will be vigorously exhausted. Appreciate Soundscape sitting or standing. Requires a VR headset and movement controllers. Seek out Soundscape regularly as new redesigns and melodies are included continually, dependably for nothing.

Soundscape VR – Windows HTC Vive & Rift CV1

Least Requirements

  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: i5 3570k
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Illustrations: GTX 970 or equivelent
  • Capacity: 1 GB accessible space
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